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    Saturday, February 19, 2005

    11:03 PM - yello

    ello! name's bj(sprakinhyt)! just tried startin a blog, don't even know wtf a blog is =P dunno how to start or how to stuff this page up XD

    btw, champiñón means mushroom hahaha XD don't ask me why i named this blog mushroom house, ask my gf Mae, tis a long boring story about mushrooms and crazy stuffs hahaha :)

    oh yeah, now i know! this will be my publishing site for some of my graphic worx :D

    here, check out some of the forum sigs that i made XD

    Blogger tutan said...

    nice! impressive! continue the good work..  

    Blogger onetuffchick said...

    nice work you have here. you'll make an awesome living for that. hehe!  

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